Our Start: Goals, structure - and Effective Learning (AdA0)
AdA International - Advanced Course
Our Start: Goals, structure - and Effective Learning (AdA0)
In the beginning you get an overview about this learning program - and you also get some information about effective learning - which you can use on your own as a learner and which you will use as a trainer to support learning for your students.
Giving Effective Feedback (CE010)
Coaching Essentials
Giving Effective Feedback (CE010)
Many things in life involve feedback, like your school reports for example. The feedback from your teachers gave you a good idea of whether you were doing ok, or if you “must try harder”! Without feedback, it’s difficult to decide if...
Defining Learning Objectives (LNE04)
AdA International - Advanced Course
Learning Essentials
Defining Learning Objectives (LNE04)
Training comes in all shapes and sizes. But whatever the subject or your skill level, one thing needs to be crystal clear – what it is that you’re aiming to learn. This is where learning objectives come in. They’re an important aspect of...
Self-Learning (2) (SL2 - FA1-4)
AdA International - Advanced Course
Self-Learning (2) (SL2 - FA1-4)
This course provides with concrete and special knowledge about the 4 AdA Focus Areas

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