AdA International - Blended Learning (Advanced Course)

Our Start: Goals, structure - and Effective Learning (AdA0)

In the beginning you get an overview about this learning program -

and you also get some first tips about effective learning -
which you can use on your own as a learner
and which you will use as a trainer to support learning for your students.
  • Welcome! - and goals and agenda
  • Our World Today...
  • Welcome!
  • First steps: How to use our platform
  • What our e-learning tool offers
  • Goals and structure of our Blended Learning "AdA Train the Trainer Advanced"
  • Goals and Structure of the Online Sessions and the Classroom Days
  • Goals and Overview of Session 1
  • 4 "Focus Areas" in Dual Education
  • Try TalentLMS Mobile
  • Effective Learning (Focus Area 4: Exam is coming!)
  • What this session is about: Effective Learning Methods
  • Why we use Distributed (Spaced) and Retrieval Practice: How to study effectively
  • Retrieval Practice
  • Distributed Practice
  • Effective Learning Methods - incl. Cornell + Pomodoro
  • The Cornell Note Taking System
  • Why Pomodoro?!
  • Let´s retrieve: About Effective Learning
  • Watchlist: Effective Learning
  • Summary of this Session about "Effective Learning Methods"
  • A little task for our next session
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed